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પુણ્ય નો પબ્લિક ઈશ્યુ

PRAYAS Team Environment Charitable Trust is highly active in the field of animal/birds/reptile rescue, raising awareness to people, fighting for environmental issues and all since May 2006.

At this stage, we are left with huge experience, huge work done and more importantly aware and awaken people who give us calls about the issues related to animal/birds/reptiles and also environment. Since this work is getting increased day by day, we are in need of financial support.

We are team of 7 visionary trustees, 10 full time expert rescue team, 350 volunteers for the field job, good enough equipment to take care of all expected work load in this field, and more importantly over a thousand more such people who want to get involved and work for the cause.

We want to raise funds for higher work load that we are expecting and for more projects that will take a step forward to make a CRUELTY FREE SOCIETY. Only short fall for us is the funds.

Considering the growing need, we here with launch a project called પુણ્ય નો પબ્લિક ઈશ્યુ where compassionate individuals can get involved actively to help PRAYAS to raise funds.

What exactly it is?

We celebrate various occasions in our family like birth anniversaries, marriage anniversaries or death anniversaries of our family members. On such occasions we want you to consider donating small amount of fund for the rescue and treatment of animals, birds or reptiles in need. It's like on our family occassions we pray GOD to give blessings and this is the way of getting blessings by helping the innocent animals.

If we divide total cost of running rescue operations by total number of rescue calls we handle, the cost per rescue call falls 200 Rs. So, by just donating 2000 Rs on your birthday or other occasion you will help 10 lives to recover from suffering. Imagine the satisfaction of saving lives.

You declare your contribution to this cause by taking responsibility of raising a small unit of funds. This declaration is by committing donation periodically (annually or half-yearly).

Objective behind the concept

Min objective behind this concept are

  • To reach out to the sensitive and compassionate individuals who share the pain and feelings of mute creatures in need and to give such individuals a chance to contribute in this duty towards society to give better environment to the next generation.
  • With abundance of technical knowledge and expertise in the field of animal welfare and environment already with us, this initiative will increase the team of people who want to work with PRAYAS. This will be accomplished thru a break-through system that we have evolved called "PRAYAS SPIDERS".

We give time, technical skill and passion to this cause, and we invite you to be a ‘brick in the wall’ by giving commitment or to become an important wheel of the cart by promoting the cause by enrolling more people to commit.

Where funds will be utilized

  • End to end rescue and treatment of any animal, birds, snakes or trees in need; just like we would desire for any of our family member.
  • Expert doctors, best facility, smart work, compassionate and honest team, great equipment backed up by expertise in the field and great collaborations will achieve the goal to be being a cruelty free city.
  • Any excess money we will have which is not consumed on monthly or yearly expenses will be converted to the FD for future budget of new project. Everything will be transparent, up-to-date and accounted for, to set the best examples in the field of voluntary work managed by exemplary system and will to grow!

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about our work and statistics, you may find it from the pdf document of "Punya" Project. Download

Feel free to contact us for any query or clarification you need for this campaign or any other matter related to team PRAYAS.

Campaign Details

To know about this campaign click here

Commit your contribution

I have read the details of the campaign and I want to declare my contribution to the cause. My details are as below.

Please give your name.
Give your 10 digit mobile number to contact you for reminder of the donation every year.
Give you email address where we can send udpates of our activities and campaign.
From who you came to know about this option?
Donation Commitment
 Arrange Collection of my donation every year.
 I will transfer amount online every year.

How to pay?

For payment you have following options.

Option 1: UPI/Google pay/paytm/phonepe- 6355019204@okbizaxis.

Option 2: Pay online using NEFT bank transfer.

Use following details for NEFT:

  • Account Name PRAYAS Team Environment Charitable Trust
  • Account Number 005201036705
  • Bank ICICI Bank
  • Branch Athwalines, Surat
  • IFSC Code ICIC0000052

After transfer please send us details to allow us confirming the credit and arrange receipt of payment.

Option 3: We will arrange collection from you.