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Terms and Condition

Following are terms and conditions for online donation to PRAYAS Team Environment Charitable Trust (hereafter referred as "PRAYAS" in this document).

  • PRAYAS believes that you have gone through the website and by all other means to find ourselves deserving the donation from you. And so the donation is not by any error in any way.
  • All your payment related information like credit card, debit card details will be captured on bank’s page for transactional purpose only. You can refer their privacy policy for the privacy of your card details
  • Registration you have done so far is with PRAYAS and your personal details you gave in registration will not be forwarded to payment gateway agency Techprocess.
  • We assure you that donation you are doing will be used for the purpose you are donating for. With agreeing these terms you are agreeing that you trust PRAYAS for ethical use of your money.

Cancellation Policy

As you are doing donation and not placing any order it will be immediately executed and will be in effect. There is no way you can cancel the payment you have completed process for. If you are not willing to pay, you can stop the process here itself. After you complete the payment flow you cannot cancel it.

Refund Policy

We do not refund the donation. As we believe you have donated after all considerations and after satisfying all your concerns. Still if the fund is transfer by any kind of human or technical error. You need to intimate us within 24 hours of payment transfer. We will look into the matter and consider if anything can be done in that regard. The decision of refund will solely be with us and if in case we will agree to refund, all transactions charges will be your liability.

Privacy Policy

PRAYAS will use your personal details for all communication with you related to PRAYAS's scope of work and will not share/shall your contact details to any third party for any kind of use.