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Surat Tree Watch is a Prayas Team Environment Initiative to create & nurture all efforts directed towards saving Trees in Surat City.

STW will play a proactive role in identifying potential harm to trees & delivery of innovative solutions through governmental / non-governmental organizations to ensure right tree cover for a healthy ecosystem.

We will consider ourselves successful if we are able to increase tree coverage in surat to at least 1 tree per household and ensure that a dedicated citizen, citizen group or governmental agency is focused at caring for each and every tree in the city limits of surat.

As part of this campaign,

  • We did survey of all trees of the city and created a database of the same with geographical location wherever it was possible.
  • We have encouraged people to take photos of trees and share on facebook on which expert can share their knowledge regarding the tree.
  • We have identified different species of trees in city and started monitoring their flowering and growth etc.
  • We have launched tree rescue SMS helpline where people can send SMSto report the threat to the tree and our team will do the needful to save that tree. They can also report through email or online.
  • This help line is really successful where people can report tree cutting and we can alert the garden department for the same.

This has come as a life line for urban trees of Surat, as thousands of people are now owning and contributing towards the cause.

Be a watcher

If you want to 'become' a tree watcher, you need to 'be a watcher'. So, just start watching trees surrounding you and start identifying them. You will realize that we are not even able to identify common trees around us. You can start reading about trees from books or can read posts and ask questions to us on our face book page.

Do you feel its tedious and not much concern about learning about their species and so? Its fine, many of us are like that. But at same time we also realize the importance of saving them. So, at least we can, identify threat to the trees and report the threat to our tree help line.

Below sections explains the threats to the tree and what you can do for them.

Identify Threat

Following are most common threat to the trees


While pavement or road construction, they do not keep required breathing spaces surrounding the tree. This result to the chocking and it will stop the growth of the tree.

Tree guards are also results to chocking if they are not cut to give space to the trees.

Falling Tree

Many times trees are being trimmed from one side (generally on rode side trees, side towards the building are being trimmed the most). This results to have branches weights on one side only and will result tree starts slanting at one side. Eventually it will fall down.

Report a threat?

You can report us about the threat to the tree by calling to our 24*7 helpline number 9825119081.

How can I help?

Join our team by following ways.


Send “PRAYAS STW” to 92277-92200


Send email with subject line “join Surat Tree Watch” to .


Join our facebook group to keep regular update and other posts from our team. To join click