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Hand Puppet Show on Wildlife and Environment

Because NOW's the right time to act for effective Nature Education

Vision Statement of Project

To sensitise people and especially young kids about the perils of unsustainable growdth on environment nature and wildlife and to make them aware and alert

The Need

As an NGO working for Environment awareness we are observing that there is a lot of literature available for nature education but most of it remains trivial and is unable to penetrate. We strongly believe that the change towards eco-friendly habits will come only by sensitization and emotional attachment towards nature and hence it is necessary to have an emotional touch to whatever message we want to give and also the medium of expression is the key. Since the show is targeted towards school children and elders as well, the main storyline engrosses the children about the effects of un-planned human growth on the sweet looking animals enacted live as puppets and the strong message of the script compels thinking in elders as the story narrates the truth of the nature and human existence.

Short term Goal

To show this show in all possible schools and places in south Gujarat and have a sensitization wave to connect to the people where this show goes.

Long term Goal

To have the network made through this first project be the medium to percolate the activities to follow and to have a resultant effect on better awareness and alertness on environment and nature. This is a flagship activity for the stream of projects to follow.


This unique puppet shows envelopes the problem of today's environment as told by the conversation of the wild animals and that between a man and a donkey. The man is blinded by his achievements in technology and science that he forgets the universal truth that the Nature is the only source of all creations on this earth. Man has just transformed the fundamentals and derived objects of his pleasure. The "rule of farm" is forgotten and the man thinks that he is omnipotent to achieve anything now, but a donkey makes him realize by telling a story of a jungle and the animals within. He then shows him the results of his "growth" and the effect on the environment and the donkey makes the man aware of the subsequent effects of the mad race on the kids of human being itself.

The whole story is concluded into a simple message of Five "P"s that we need to always keep in mind if we are to show respect towards our real parents, the Sun and the Earth - The Nature.

This is a creation which has found support in form of 'VOICE OVER' from the top artists of the state in the Gujarati Stage theatre arena and is equally strengthened by the able composition and sound recording at the one of the best sound recording studios in Gujarat.

The real life problems and reasons and the solutions has to find a story telling form to make the audience open to the message that is to be conveyed and the script is so concentrated of the content yet simple to be absorbing. Every dialogue has a related real life situation which is a must to know for all but so difficult to understand, but the medium of live enactment topped with some excellent sound effects and music makes it possible.

Audio Visual Medium, Portability and Less Manpower need makes this show a great tool which can reach anywhere and perform.