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Project COVID 19

A humble effort for our COVID frontline warriors. We are making this face shield in bulk especially for all the front line warriors like doctors, health workers, health surveyors, police personnel and rescue volunteers, and all who are on the front line working for the cause. We are also in process of making PPE and other products for them.




Serving mute soles voluntarily is a kind of meditation. You will get peace and a satisfaction, which you have never experienced before. For volunteering you can choose from serving animals at shelter, going for field rescue work, or become a part of awareness team. Please contact us to know more and becoming a volunteer.

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Help and Support


If you feel your responsibility towards society but not able to put on the field efforts; you may please contribute to our cause by donating money or kind. Your contribution will be used in noble cause you opted for. Click below to know more and contribute your share of responsibility.

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Impact for everyone

Be aware

Self-awareness is first step towards contribution to the cause. Before saving animals if we be aware to reduce the bad impact of our act on the animals, we save them from possible cruelty. Likewise, an aware person can ensure enough greenery in our surrounding. We have defined a basic Do’s & Don’t for every citizen of human society.

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Lives Rescued
Trees Rescued
Lakhs People Touched

Our Mission

To strive in united team endeavor for conservation of nature and protection of environment through education and direct action

Major Achievements

Following are brief statistics summary of our work in {{ years }} years of our service to the cause.

  • Total {{counters.rescues}} rescue calls since our inception May 2006.
  • Around {{counters.trees}} trees by saving them from cutting and by doing transplanting to other safe location, or by saving from other threats.
  • Around {{counters.people}} lakhs people touched by our awareness campaigns. Like awareness about threat to birds from kite flying and made them take oath to not to fly kites in Uttrayan, reduce usage of plastics, avoid using POP statue of lord ganesha, avoid using wook in holi and use solar holi instead etc.
  • We served thousands of birds by providing free water pots to people and encouraging them to put water for birds in hot summers.
  • We have manufactured and distributed hundreads snake catching equipment free of cost to other NGOs across the country, forest departments and corporate organizations for their safety and to motivate them to catch the snake and release at safe place instead of killing them.
  • We have trained the security staff of corporate and government organization to handle snakes to ensure that, they will not kill snakes in their premises.
  • We made village people aware about co-existence of wild animalslike leopard in their farms and explained them importance of them. This has stopped them, killing leopards by poisoning and also helped them with their own safety.
  • We have accomplished thousands of rescue operations in collaboration with forest department, the fire brigade and the police department.
  • We have enrolled lacks of people for avoiding POP idols for Ganesh Utsav. This was accomplished by creating and performing a unique street play in Ganeshpandaals, schools, colleges and working with media for awareness. The result of this major campaign was a success as the authorities banned the statues made from POP.