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About Rescue

In around end of 90s, we group of friends realized a need of some activity for the injured animals on the street and inhuman approach of common public for such animals. And we started to treat such animals in need within our capacity in group. We have started publishing our landline numbers to public asking them to contact us when they realize any animal is in need of help.

It was a time with no mobile phones and so we were relying on landline numbers but shortly pager service were introduced and then we started publishing the pager number to the public. We used to call the pager company every half an hour asking if there is any page received for animals in need and reaching to the spot to rescue the animal.

With time our team has grown and so technologies. As of now we are team of more than 250 volunteers under a roof of registered charitable trust working professionally with incorporation of high end systems and technology in place.

And so we could justice more than 35000 rescue calls for animals, birds and reptiles since May 2006 (note: initial years we were not keeping track of all rescue work. After the official establishment of a trust we started record keeping. So, count for previous years is not known to us)

Since 2011 we have incorporated digital system to log the records precisely and here is the summary of rescue activity since 2011.

Year Animals Birds Snakes Other Total
2011 2028 4938 2920 93 9979
2012 2500 5315 3745 152 11712

Being Un-reasonable

We are highly committed to our services and challenges bring out the best in us and give us a new edge. We never say no to any difficult task and are always are un-reasonable by doing things which normally people cannot even think about.

Following are our major characteristics behind our success so far.

  • We do not let any call skip with excuse of no resource. We work 24 hours and in no case our call gets un-answered at any time of the day or night.
  • We take full responsibility of animals and does not just give on-spot treatment let animal be on its own destiny. We take the animal to hospital if required and bear the cost of whole treatment and hospital, we heal the animal completely at our shelter and then rehabilitate the same
  • In the cases where only on-spot treatment is required, we give required instructions and medications to the care taker or sensitive people nearby to ensure the full treatment gets followed.
  • We have association with organization like Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organization (FIAPO), Wildlife Trust of India who will give us required expert guidance as and when needed.

Due to such commitment and efforts from us we could collect lots of success stories which can be referred as many golden feathers in our hat. In this book, we are sharing very few of them with you all.

Equipments & Techniques

In these years apart from raising team and skills we have raised our capacity in terms of equipment as well. We have following facilities to run our rescue operations. Purpose of a lot of emphasis on special equipment and technique is to achieve

  • Smart and Effective work
  • Motivation to the team
  • Solution to challenges
  • Safety of the team
  • Making work easy for more people to take part

Snake Catching Tong & Bagger

Folding Rod for rescue of birds hanging on wires and trees: (First of its kind inSurat& Gujarat)

Ambulance for small animals and birds

Ambulance for big animals like cattle and Emergency vehicle with tactical rescue equipment

Trailer for big Animals like camel or bigger cattle ( First of its kind in Gujarat )

Medical and First Aid Kits

Shelter at Kamrej ((First of its kind in Surat& Gujarat)

Shelter for Birds at Adajan


Handling animals and doing medical treatment to them requires considerable knowledge. We learned with time and with experience of handling animals. In this learning process there are many national/international organizations assisted us with their skills allowing us to handle animals with best possible ways and giving them best possible treatment.

Here is the list of such organizations with whom we are associated for knowledge sharing and working in team.


Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO)

Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) is a collective of animal protection organisations in India. We represent and advocate for NGOs and activists in the Indian animal protection sector; and also independently conduct research about and advocate for the rights of animals.

IFAW: International Fund for Animal Welfare

Founded in 1969, IFAW is an international animal welfare and conservation organization that works to protect wild and domestic animals and to broker solutions that benefit both animals and people. With offices in 15 countries around the world, IFAW works to protect whales, elephants, great apes, big cats, dogs and cats, seals, and other animals.

PRAYAS Team Environment is one of the thousands of Emergency Response (ER) teams of IFAW attending to the animal emergencies of Surat, South Gujarat.

International Fund for Animal Welfare
Wildlife Trust of India

WTI: Wildlife Trust of India

The mission of WTI is to conserve nature, especially endangered species and threatened habitats, in partnership with communities and governments.

PRAYAS Team Environment is the member of nationwide Wildlife Rehabilitator’s Exchange Network (WREN) engaged in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

Surat Fire & emergency Services (Surat FIRE Brigade)

We are working in tandem with the Surat Fire Brigade to rescue endangered species of birds, reptiles as well as domestic birds in distress in Surat. All the bird, animal and Reptile distress calls are handled by PRAYAS, and we are helped by the Fire department with equal enthusiasm.

Forest Department, Gujarat State

Gujarat Forest Department Surat Circle helps us in all wildlife emergencies and rescues and other environmental issues and programs in Surat as well as South Gujarat. We work to support to the office the Conservator of Forests (CF Surat) and the Dangs in cases of wildlife rescue and also in Nature Education and Environment Protection projects.

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